Top Fabric Trend To Follow In Your Wedding Dress

Top Fabric Trend To Follow In Your Wedding Dress

There are too many things which you could check in a wedding dress to make it trendier and better for the fashion and style options are changing so much and you shouldn’t fall behind and follow the latest design and style options. Here are shown some of the most trendy and coolest fabric to design your bridal dress.


Satin is considered as the perfect structured fabric while you can apply different patterns on your dress with satin. It is a smooth and heavy fabric which makes this fabric for cold weather conditions.

bridal lace fabrics
bridal lace fabrics


It is a light woven fabric material which gives the airy feeling. It looks pretty similar to the net fabric and can be also used for veils. It is available in various style types like silk tulle and Illusion Tulle. Tulle is best suited for ballerina style wedding gowns while mixing this fabric lace detailing will give it gorgeous look. It is a soft fabric material but by applying ruching on it you can get more structured look form it.


It is a soft and a sheer fabric material as it shows the beautiful curves on the body of the wearer while this fabric is not so sheen and gives the feeling of simplicity to the dress. Chiffon gives the bouncy and airy type of feel to the wedding dress and because it is quite a light material it is considered to be best for summer weddings.


Organza is also quite a light fabric but slightly stiffer than chiffon fabric while it is more flowy compare to Tulle. It is one of the most suitable for the structured gowns. Its delicate and flowy fabric makes it better for summer weddings.


It is an open weave fabric material which looks much better in gowns. Sheerest and light lace fabrics like “Chantilly” are good for summers while the heavy lace fabrics like “Wool lace” can be considered best for winter seasons. Bridal lace fabric is best for designing beautiful sleeves, necklines and the overlays of the wedding dress.


This fabric gives the shiny and lustrous look as it considered to be one of the oldest and expensive fabric material, especially for wedding dresses. While it looks delicate but it is a durable fabric material. It can be a wearable both in summers and winters. It provides the more glamour look in the wedding dress.

It becomes very difficult to make your choice while you have your own list of choices and trend to follow. Since a beautiful fabric leads the way for a beautiful wedding dress. Here some of the best wedding fabrics has shown which may help you quite a bit with the selection of your wedding gown.