Things To Know About Down And Feather Pillows

Things To Know About Down And Feather Pillows

Basically, the two major fillings of the pillows which are down and feather fillings are different in some aspects. These two fillings affect the longevity, cost, and performance of the pillows. Among all of them, Hungarian goose down pillow is the most recommended ones.

Three major fillings

1. Down Pillows

a. These are long-lasting

b. More flexibility and malleability

c. Expensive

2. Feather pillows

a. Less long lasting

b. Contains quills

c. Flatter sleep

d. Less expensive

3. Down and Feather Blend

a. Less long lasting

b. Don’t go flat due to blending

The fillings of the pillow directly affect the quality of the pillow. The higher the fill power the higher will be its quality. The premium quality fill power is 650, 750, or 850. Less than 650 fill power is considered as a commercial quality which is generally used in furniture and stuffed toys.

Pillows with down fillings are very soft and its quality is especially determined by the filling weight and design. You must have noticed that the pillows get flat or turn yellow after a long use which is caused due to various things which are responsible for destroying the feather and down filled in the pillow.

Hungarian goose down pillow
Hungarian goose down pillow

The destroying factors are mentioned below:


Moisture is the ultimate reason which destroys the feather and down. The presence of moisture in the pillow may be due to the improper drying of down while manufacturing or it could be due to the absorption of humidity by the down while they are kept in the warehouse. Improper cleaning may also result in moisture.


Using the pillow regularly compresses the down filled with it. Compression of down can be found over time which slowly crushes the natural fibres.


The oil from your head, skin, facial creams, moisturisers, etc get absorbed by the pillow down fill. These oil particles are responsible for the yellowing of the pillowcases, pillow protectors, and pillow shells.

Proper Caring for your down or feather pillows:

  • Don’t use it for a pillow fight, don’t fold and keep them in a headlock. These will help you get long life for your pillow.
  • Feather pillows should be avoided from washing. Use a pillow protector or cover to keep your pillow free from dirt.
  • Try to keep your pillow away from moisture.
  • Prevent the contact of oil from your pillow. This will result in the yellowish patch and will shorten the lifespan of your pillow.
  • Don’t sleep on your pillow with wet hair or heavy oil in your hair.
  • Wash the pillowcase on regular basis to keep it safe and secure.

So, these were some of the important facts everyone should know before purchasing fether or down filling pillow. The proper care should be given to them so as to get a luxurious sleep for a longer time.