Television became popular all around the world over some decades and it can be also said that TV is the biggest medium of mass communication. It became one of the most favorite means of entertainment for all the people around the world. There is various entertainment shows channel and sports channels are provided by the broadcasters to the viewers.

The different mode of network transmission can be used to operate a television. It depends on you to make your choice that what type of network transmission you want on your TV. Mostly there are only three types of a network for TV transmission working presently.

  1. Cable TV transmission
  2. Digital Satellite TV transmission
  3. Web TV transmission

Cable TV transmission

Cable or Community antenna television (CATV) is the channel for sending audiovisual message signals to all viewers using coaxial cables. Cable Company with the use of antennas provide these signals to all there consumers in a local area or community. It can be said that through optical fiber wire lines various channels signals are provided from the cable operator to the views in the form of paid service. It uses FM frequency modulation process in which a lot of different signals can be sent using a same optical fiber within certain band limit. Each channel signal is having its certain band limit and we can operate various TV signal channel by changing the frequency band of the Television.

Digital Satellite TV

In this type of network, television is able to receive signals from the satellite to their dish and these signal passes through the set-top box and then after it gets received in viewer TV. The popularity of this type of services is gaining its market within the consumers since it provides better signaling and the video content are much clearer than cable TV. But with the change in climatic condition dish could not able to receive the signals properly through the satellite and the signal which TV will receive will not be clear.


In this type of networking the main medium for the channeling of TV signal is the Internet. Through Internet as a medium various TV signal can be provided to the viewers. There can be two ways of using the Internet as a medium for TV channels.


1. OTT(Over The Top) This is the service that any user of the Internet can use by searching videos and audio content on the Internet in which some are payable and some are free. The user can browse the content which he/she wants to watch on the Internet. The quality of the audio and video signal depending on the Internet signal of the broadband network.

2. IPTV: This service also uses the Internet but the user needs to buy the subscription plan to watch the TV program online. By purchasing subscription of IPTV, a user can watch all the TV channel that is available in his/her program list. It provides the best audiovisual picture clarity but that depends on also the Internet connection of the device.

With the development in technology Internet users are increasing, mostly in the newer generation but still, most of the people are still liking the cable TV and Digital satellite TV currently but in the future may be more people would like to change their opinion.