Everything You Need To Know about The IPTV

This is a service that is totally different and unique from the traditional cable or satellite signals as it provides television programming and other video related content using the TCP/IP protocol suite. This is being typically distributed by a service provider that delivers live on-demand video content or live TV programs.


Everything You Need To Know about The IPTV


What Is IPTV?

This is the process or method of delivering Television based content via the Internet Protocol. It provides many benefits to you such as easy to implement, manage, scale and also provides the option of being interactive as it is Bidirectional.

Integrating Services with Television

It is possible to integrate a number of services with the content of television and they could be like

  • Web Services
  • Emergency Alert
  • Advertisement
  • Telephone services
  • Interactive Voting

 What Are the System elements of IPTV?

  • Video Content
  • Delivery Network
  • Electronic Programme Guide
  • Digital Headend
  • Set Top Box
  • Content Servers

 What Are The Impacts Of IPTV Subscription?

  • Bandwidth requirements

There was a significant decrease in the bandwidth requirement with the introduction of new compression technologies.

  • Deployment Costs

It was possible for delivering higher bandwidth at a very lower cost since because of the introduction of new distribution architectures.

  • Global Development

This helps to increase innovation and also helps to drive down the cost of curve as well.

  • Growth Potential 

This just helps the consumer and also helps to create video and customer data growth.

Why To Use IPTV?

The ease of convenience that this provides is what comes on top of the list as well. Being able to watch it from either the Television, computer screen or mobile device is one advantage that they offer to you. It can also be said as the delivery of video or audio over the Internet.

 What Are The Benefits of Using IPTV?

  • Programmes can be stored or recorded, so that they can be viewed later anytime and anywhere as you wish.
  • Scalable and Robust delivery service.
  • It covers both Video on demand and live TV as well.
  • Remainders can be set for a specific programme.
  • Parental controls can be done, which enables your child to view only specific and relevant content.

How Is Data Delivered To The Destination?

The content which could be video, voice or data content will first be converted into the smaller form of packets. Each packet will later be attached with the destination address and also the Packet number as well. Each of the packets that are travelling to its destination will go via unique and totally different paths. As these packets reach the destination in jumbled order, what happens is, as soon as it reaches here the original data or message is reassembled in the correct order, based on the packet number.