You can play solitaire games to kill your leisure time. Along with this, there are also some real-life lessons that you can learn from these games. These are:

Move the aces first:

Everyone prefers to use the aces as soon as they appear. Just like the game, you need to use your aces in the real life also. By aces, I mean your skill and talent. If you are good at some task, don’t shy to put it forward. If you ever feel like you are untouched by any of the talents, just keep calm and think you have not played the game enough until that time. Just use all the cards and improve your game of life!

Play all the cards:

It’s important to play all the cards you have. Same applies to life also. You need to use all the strategies in life even if they seem less important at the moment. This would help you reveal new opportunities in life.

You need both red well as black cards:

Suppose, you are playing a game of solitaire and have got all the black cards. You will surely feel as if you need the red card too even if they don’t make much difference in the game. Just like this, you need all the spices of life. Yes, it’s important to do your work with passion, but you also need to play sports, have enough sleep, and spend time with your loved ones. This is life and it needs to be balanced. Otherwise, you would get bored of your life very soon.

classic solitaire
classic solitaire

Cards just need to be revealed:

When you play solitaire games, the cards you want to win the game are present there only. You just need to wait for them being revealed. Same is the case with life. The solution to your problem is present within, you just need to find ways to reveal them.

Deal again:

Remember, it’s not possible to win all the games you play. In certain games, you won’t get the card you want for winning. Don’t lose hope and play the game again. In real life also, there are situations when you feel like everything is over and you don’t want to live life. Don’t lose hope. It’s never too late to start again.


These were some of the real-life lessons of playing solitaire. These games have now attained immense popularity. You can also play classic solitaire and learn the most important life lessons!